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Karate Bob as Whistle Blower 

 Angry Letter to Heijns Widow

(translated from the Dutch original by RJK)
Publication Date: July 28, 2009 Page: HAA202 Section: Regional Zone: HDC Edition: HAA
by Cees van Hoore

 Widow Hank Heijn

Haarlem – In his ‘true reality novel’ “The Golden Tip” Slobodan Mitric, alias Karate Bob, writes an angry open letter to the widow of Gerrit Jan Heijn, residing in Overveen [a suburb of Haarlem]. Mitric maintains that he had a golden tip on the kidnapping and murder of Gerrit Jan Heijn, but in her book ‘Reconciliation’ [with the murderer of her husband] the widow dismisses that as a figment of the imagination of a ‘killer’.

The Golden Tip, the novel by Mitric has 512 pages and is subtitled "The entanglement of the upper and lower world and the murder of G. J. Heijn." On page 18, the characters that play a role in this book pass in review. These are well-known [Dutch]criminal lawyers such as Cees Korvinus, Luuk Hamer and Theo de Roos, but also Job de Ruiter [former minister of Justice and Defense], swindler Ari Olivier, Ruud Lubbers and many other celebrities. In the book, the abduction of Albert [must be: Gerrit Jan] Heijn is seen as part of a complex plot that has to do with the invention of the mobile phone.

Gerrit Jan Heijn

"What have I done to you, so ‘honorable’ madam, that you present me with a certain Karate Bob, ‘once arrested for multiple murder and rape …’"? writes Mitric. He notes that Hank Heijn in her book has reconciled with Ferdi E., but at the same time blackens the one who sought to prevent abduction. "What kind of person are you anyway?", he wonders. Thanks to his publisher Robert Jan Kelder, Mitric received a copy of the book by the widow of Heijn. He wonders why she slandered him, and finishes the open letter in which he once again points to a conspiracy in the case Heijn with the words that this matter will once be made known to the world. He does this in his novel.
The publisher of this book, Robert Jan Kelder of the Willehalm Institute in Amsterdam, regards the publication of this novel as ‘whistle blowing work in the interests of truth and justice’.  “That weighs more heavily for me than the possibility to be indicted for libel or worse.” He calls the book a "gold mine" for crime journalists. There are many references and golden tips in it. In the publisher’s foreword Kelder issues an urgent appeal to the government and politicians to mount an in-depth inquiry into the unprecedented events raised in this book. He wants a full rehabilitation of Mitric and recognition for his service to the Dutch people and the world. Mitric has dedicated his book to the artist Iris Mitric-De Vries, who died in 2006

“This Excavator Killed Elsas.”



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